Ross Taylor
User Experience & Interface Designer

I am a Digital Creator.

My mediums are Design and Development.

Experiance, Interface, Visual and Product Design.

Legend purports that as a child, I once found myself lost in a great, dense forest. For hours I wandered until I happened upon a clearing in the woods. In this sunlit grove, I discovered a serpent pinned beneath a heavy granite slab. I reacted quickly, heaving the boulder aside freeing the serpent. Instantly, a bolt of lightening descended upon the grove and before me towered a wizard clad in a black, velvet cloak whose face and hands were ornamented with bright tattoos of arcane magical incantations. The wizard, recognizing the deed, bequeathed to me with powers beyond the reach of normal human ambition and ability: a supernatural understanding and ability to install and configure a full spectrum of technology; fluency in countless coding languages and design skills so powerful, that they often reduce grown men to tears. Armed with the gift of the Almighty and Mysterious Forest Lightning Wizard, I set out to share my supernatural gifts with the world. My wizardry quickly led to working for numerous media companies, recording artists, and television outlets.

I also single-handedly destroyed an evil army of invading death bots from the Nearlpool Galaxy, but I prefer not to gloat about it.

When I'm not making web magic or cracking the whip at CodedInk (whether said business is an industrial manufacturer of villains or merely employs villainous individuals in manufacturing unspecified goods is yet undetermined), I partake in gaming, skateboarding, music appreciating, wife loving, child rearing, art....

Web Applications & Corporate Sites

This is where problem solving meets visual impact. I’ll unite products and users, design and experiences.

Mobile App Design

Using iOS, Android and an expert vision, I’ll take your application to the next level.

Front-End Development

It doesn’t stop with design. I can develop your product from visual concept to fully functional website.


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